6 Tips For What to Wear For Newborn Sessions

The most widely loved facet of a home newborn photo session is how easy they are. However, no matter if you’re in the studio or in-home, there is one question that plagues us all. WHAT DO WE WEAR?


February 2, 2023

Houston Apartment Newborn Photo Session

An apartment might not seem like the most popular spot for a newborn session. While most might think small spaces, I think WINDOWS.


October 19, 2022

Houston Adoption Newborn Session

I have waited 7 months to share this baby’s face! A huge congratulations to the Ticer family who finalized the adoption of their sweet child THIS WEEK!


September 22, 2022

Houston NICU Fresh48 Session

These sessions represent everything I love about getting to photograph babies and families. This session is exactly what life was like at that moment in time. There was no tidying up the room, no dressing up or extensive make-up. Just real life as I walked in and saw it. There were cords, monitors, and open packs of wipes. I loved every second of it.


September 21, 2022

Confessions After 4 Years of Business

Wow, it’s been 4 years! That’s like an entire high school career. I have been an entrepreneur for 4 years, the most professionally fulfilling years of my adult life. (but I don’t have that many adult years under my belt). As you would expect, it has been amazing, but far from easy. When starting a […]


August 11, 2022

Colorful Newborn Session || Cypress Newborn Photography

After 3 little girls, this family got their little baby brother. The girls were absolutely infatuated with him. They also felt super special having their photos taken, so we definitely had fun. Their home was filled with lots of neutrals and pops of BOLD colors. Different than most things on my feed, but refreshing nonetheless. It made the images so bright, unique, and fun.


August 8, 2022

Eclectic Lifestyle Session || Houston Newborns

One day browsing through my older work I was stopped in my tracks at how much I loved this session. It was so different from some of the other things I had shot, simply based on how the home was decorated. The deep jewel tones and Spanish flare were something I was a thousand percent on board with. It was just the right amount of shadowy without feeling dark and the family’s fun funky vibe made this session truly their own.


August 2, 2022

How To Snap the Best Monthly Baby Photos (Yes, Even with Your Phone)

It’s more than just a trend. By now everyone has seen the importance of taking regular photos of your sweet baby as they drastically change throughout their first year.


June 8, 2022

Behind the Scenes at a Lifestyle Newborn Session

What everyone sees from all of my newborn sessions is the final product. You see the beautiful images and a darling little newborn family. What actually happens at a lifestyle newborn session? Well, let me tell you.


April 18, 2022

Lifestyle Newborn Session FAQ

Updated January 17th, 2024 I think the most number of questions come about with newborn sessions and rightfully so. As brand new parents, the journey is filled with uncertainties trying to figure out how to do the whole parent thing. On top of that, you’re inviting someone to come into your home to document it. […]


March 20, 2022