6 Tips For What to Wear For Newborn Sessions

The most widely loved facet of a home newborn photo session is how easy they are. However, no matter if you’re in the studio or in-home, there is one question that plagues us all. WHAT DO WE WEAR?


February 2, 2023

Behind the Scenes at a Lifestyle Newborn Session

What everyone sees from all of my newborn sessions is the final product. You see the beautiful images and a darling little newborn family. What actually happens at a lifestyle newborn session? Well, let me tell you.


April 18, 2022

Lifestyle Newborn Session FAQ

Updated January 17th, 2024 I think the most number of questions come about with newborn sessions and rightfully so. As brand new parents, the journey is filled with uncertainties trying to figure out how to do the whole parent thing. On top of that, you’re inviting someone to come into your home to document it. […]


March 20, 2022

How to Clean for an In-Home Newborn Session | Houston Newborn Photographer

In-home newborn sessions don’t have to be as intimidating as they seem. I want to make sessions as simple as possible for my new mama clients. Here are a few ways to prepare your home for an in-home newborn session without exhausting yourself!


April 23, 2024

newborn and brother

5 Favorite Newborn Poses || Cypress Newborns

Through many newborn sessions over the years I have really developed a groove for what I do. It’s one of my sanctuaries where I get into the zone to do one of the things I love doing most—photographing newborns and their families. As I continue to evolve and hone my craft here are my 5 […]


January 29, 2024

newborn triplets

Newborn Triplets Photography Houston

Behind the Scenes of this Newborn Triplets Photography Session in Houston How to even begin? This year was a year of firsts for me as a Newborn Photographer (and I’ve been around the block). Earlier this year I photographed TWINS for the first time. You can check that out HERE! But down below you will […]


October 2, 2023

Family newborn session

The Tomball Cottage || Tomball Photography Studio

I’m STOKED to showcase this quaint new studio for any and all of my sweet clients. This Tomball Photography Studio, also known as The Tomball Cottage is located right in the heart of downtown Tomball. It offers LOTS of variety and gives you the feeling of photographing a newborn session in your home without the hassle of having to clean it yourself.

Check out some photos and descriptions of the different spots that you can photograph all condensed into a functional space.


September 18, 2023

Using Nursery Details for a Cohesive Theme

I am NOT an interior designer, but I definitely know a beautiful room when I see it. I have photographed enough newborn sessions to know what nursery details contribute to a room with a cohesive theme. Check out this list below to see how you can tie all your ideas for your nursery together.


May 15, 2023

Must-Have Simple Newborn Photos

Each in-home newborn session has its own unique flow and personality, but for the sake of keeping the memory alive, I have a few simple newborn photos that I always take to showcase every facet of the newborn stage.


May 11, 2023

5 Unique Items to Use in a Newborn Session || Tomball Newborn Photographer

As a photographer specializing in Tomball newborn sessions, I always ask my clients if they have any special items they want to include in their sessions. It’s not uncommon for parents to draw a blank when faced with this question, but with a little inspiration, you can make your newborn session even more special. Here […]


April 12, 2023

Nighttime Nursery Theme

Starry Night Nursery || Cypress Newborn Session

Each nursery I come across is a little window into the style of the family (or at least the mom). This Cypress Newborn Session in particular showcased a simple yet stunning starry night theme! Check out these images below to see the subtle features that made this nursery such cute inspiration for your baby nursery.


April 10, 2023

twins photography

Houston Newborn Twin Photography

Rather than telling you the specifics of this particular session, I thought I would highlight some ways that single newborn and multiples newborn sessions are different. (Maybe with some of the fun specific details of this session sprinkled in)


March 20, 2023

Super hero nursery

5 Easy Nursery Decor Ideas (when you’re too busy with your toddler)

Okay, you’ve got newborn photos coming up. BUT, you’re chasing around a toddler and don’t have a whole lot of extra time or energy to decorate the nursery. Sometimes decorating the nursery just gets put on the back burner. However, I am hoping that some of these nursery decor ideas will be easy enough that you feel like you can tackle one or maybe even two before welcoming your new child.


March 3, 2023