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June 13, 2024

Something about the mere mention of an in-home session automatically sends a lot of my clients spiraling into panic. We’ve already addressed some of the common concerns with in-home newborn sessions from lighting to cleanliness. Now let’s address space. Social media may have you believe that you need a 4000 square foot home with perfect lighting and floors you could eat off of in order to have beautiful photos of your new baby. Respectfully, you’d be wrong. As a lifestyle in-home photographer who has captured families in all sorts of spaces in the Cypress, TX area, I’m here to tell you no matter the space, we’ll make it work.

How Much Space Is Necessary for In-home Photos?

In short: not as much as you’d think!  I’ve photographed families in spacious homes Towne Lake and Bridgeland, smaller Houston apartments, and everything in between.  Here’s the thing– we’re not photographing your home, it’s just the backdrop.  As long as you have areas of your home that are big enough to accommodate everyone you want included in photos, we’re golden!  For this, think couches, beds, or even blank wall space, and you’re good to go.  

Accommodating Small Spaces for Newborn Photos

As a Cypress newborn photographer, I wear many hats and one of them includes furniture mover. While I don’t  come with complete with a U-Haul, I have been known to shift furniture around a bit during sessions in order to make the most of the space that we have. If you’re new here, I’m mother of 3 myself, which means I have no intentions of leaving everything in disarray. I promise to put everything back just the way that it was.  (I also won’t judge if I find some Cheerios underneath the ottoman that we scoot across your living room.)

Small Spaces Create Great Lighting

If you take nothing else from the info I’m including in this post, let it be this: it’s not about the amount of space, it’s about the light.  I know it seems counterintuitive, but small spaces can be great light sources if the room we’re using has a great light source.  So, what do I mean by that?  Do you have a window that faces southeast or west that isn’t shaded by a porch or lots of trees?  If so, natural lighting is magnified by the surrounding walls and can be used to our advantage for detail shots of your precious little one. Imagine natural light highlighting your baby’s button nose, impossibly tiny fingernails, or those little fingers wrapping around your own.  All of these are 100% doable with the right lighting, and we don’t need massive amounts of space to accomplish the newborn photos of your dreams!

Cypress,TX Newborn Photographer

Hey, I’m Melanie B of Mel B Photo. As a newborn, maternity, and family photographer serving the Tomball, Cypress, and Spring areas of Houston, TX, I’m here to capture every chapter of your young family’s story.  Ready to invest in a stress-free experience and emotion-packed, authentic images to remember every detail of this stage of life?  Check out my newborn packages here and don’t forget to follow along on Pinterest for tips & inspiration!  Want to book your session or have more questions? Contact me here. Let’s create memories together!

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