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January 29, 2024

Through many newborn sessions over the years I have really developed a groove for what I do. It’s one of my sanctuaries where I get into the zone to do one of the things I love doing mostphotographing newborns and their families. As I continue to evolve and hone my craft here are my 5 most favorite staple newborn poses I aim to get at every session!

Baby on Back

Having newborn photos of the baby alone is a must! My personal taste is that you don’t have to get fancy when creating solo newborn poses. No need for fancy hand placements or forced (and potentially dangerous) pretzel poses. The baby’s features are beautiful and perfect enough on their own to not need all the extra fluff. The baby on the back is the bare minimum of newborn poses you will want to capture of your sweet baby

Here is a couple of tips for your everyday photos you’re taking with your phone:

  • Point the crown of the baby’s head toward the light. Guide the light to accentuate your baby’s features naturally. If the light source is coming from the chin side of the face it will look similar to the flashlight and ghost story type look. You know, when you hold the flashlight under your chin for the dramatic look. Not the vibe we’re going for here.
  • Try not to shoot up the baby’s nose! When snapping your photos, take notice of the baby’s nostrils. If they look like you can see straight up the nose you may want to shift your position. Move your body where you’re angling ever so slightly downward from head to feet. It’s a flattering look for a baby where you aren’t getting a straight shot up the nose.

Baby on Mom’s Shoulder

I absolutely adore this newborn pose for a few reasons.

Firstly, it conceals a common concern for many moms – the double chin. With the baby’s head snuggled up against your neck, it hides any part of your neck that you might not be a fan of. And, not to mention, this newborn pose magically shapes a jawline that looks just perfect.

Secondly, there’s something about the ‘lashes down’ look on moms that’s incredibly beautiful, dreamy, and delicate. It’s a classic look that works wonders for many moms out there. I can’t quite put it into words, but it just has that timeless charm.

Thirdly, it fosters an incredibly close and intimate connection between mom and newborn. The close skin-to-skin newborn pose is symbolic of just how close the bond between mom and baby is. And moms, don’t forget to take in that sweet baby smell while your little one’s head is right next to your face.

Baby Examination

What I love most about this particular newborn pose is that it can be for mom, dad, grandparent or even an older sibling who can be trusted to safely hold the baby.

Here’s how it goes. I instruct you to hold the baby “at 12 o’clock” as if you want to examine every part of them. You will cradle the baby’s head in one hand while supporting the baby’s waist and bottom with the other. Super simple and super relaxed. Why do I love this newborn pose? It allows for a toddler or a pet to come into the scene for some great connection photos. It is a pose that is SO easy and relaxed that I often carry on full conversations while shooting this pose. And also, it is a position that allows for many shots of varying perspectives. A great bang for your buck!

Baby on Dad’s Chest

I used to have a love-hate relationship with this newborn pose. It is definitely a staple, but it took me years of constantly working at it to finally get it right. But I will say, when executed properly…it’s *chef’s kiss*. This pose places baby’s back to dad’s chest and dad supporting the baby’s head and belly. I love it because it boasts MEGA contrast that I’m obsessed with. BIG bear hands vs SMALL baby body. STRONG body vs FRAGILE body. ROUGH skin vs SMOOTH skin. I just love all of the contrast of dad and baby.

Baby and Siblings on the Bed

Including siblings in newborn sessions can pose its own set of challenges. Just check out THIS POST on how we tackle those tricky sibling interactions. However, here are my favorite go-to newborn poses to help safely and effectively include sibling as a part of the shot.

  • Sibling on the belly-when you lay big brother or sister on the bed behind baby this allows for some potential fun. I usually with keep an eye safely on baby while talk, joking and playing with sibling to create some fun and interactive shots like these.
  • Sibling Airplane-for this pose I will have the sibling lay on their back and ask them to stretch their arms out like an airplane. I will take the time to explain to the wiggle worm that they are about to hold the baby and rest the little nugget in big siblings armpit and shoulder. I stand directly above them both to ensure safety on all fronts and to get some sweet interactions between the two.

These newborn poses definitely need to have the most precautions taken to ensure safety of the baby. It definitely helps that with mom and dad around I am sure to communicate exactly what is needed and to have all the extra hand to help keep things in check.

5 Favorite Newborn Poses

As I continue to refine my craft, these 5 favorite newborn poses stand out for their simplicity and beauty. At each session, a variety of shots appear as part of the creative process. But, here you can find inspiration at your own session or just some simple phone photos you can grab at home.

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