Is My House Too Dark for Photos? | In-Home Newborn Session Lighting

May 15, 2024

Aside from concerns that their homes have to be squeaky clean (not the case, mind you) for an in-home newborn session, I frequently get asked if a home is too dark.  I’ve got good news for you!  Even if it is, in-home newborn session lighting is something we can work around with a few tricks and my experience with photographing Texas families! In fact, every photo you see in this blog is an example of exactly that. Let’s talk about it:

What Causes Lighting Issues for In-Home Newborn Sessions?

In my experience, there are several factors at play that can make lighting in a home less than thrilling for an in-home newborn session.  For example, a home may be full of love but lacking in windows.  On the other hand, it may have tons of windows but they’re not  facing the direction we’d like.  Then there’s the weather which, while I wish I could control it (don’t we all?), can sometimes throw a real wrench in session plans.  Overcast days or gloom, rainy weather can create a lighting nightmare to which I often suggest we reschedule if at all possible.  If any of these situations apply, there are ways to make it work!

Finding Lighting for In-Home Sessions

If you are part of the majority who don’t have a bright white-everything home with perfect lighting ready for a photoshoot 24/7, I’ve got you.  But I’ll bet your home has a window or two, right?  It takes less light than you’d think to achieve a beautiful session. The trick is to find the light & you can use your phone to do it.  Open your Compass app and point it toward the windows in the rooms you’d like to shoot in for your session.  We’re hoping for windows that face West, East, or South– those are the best bet for great lighting.  Psst… as your newborn photographer, I’ve got a few technical tricks up my sleeve with camera settings & edits too.  Don’t underestimate the power of photographer magic! 

Dark & Moody In-Home Newborn Session Lighting

Another approach to shooting an in-home newborn session where the lighting is on the dimmer side is to go for a moody vibe. Bright & airy is beautiful in its own way, but can we have a moment of appreciation for the moody shots? This style of photo can be chalked full of emotion, nostalgia, tenderness, and intimacy.  After all, those moments in the middle of the night with just you and your newborn are dimly lit and they’re still magical.  The darker images can often be reminiscent of this season of life, when the two of you are snuggled in a rocker while the rest of the world sleeps around you.  While it may not feel like it when you’re in the thick of sleep-deprivation, those are the moments you’ll want to step back into later and photos help do exactly that.

Texas Studio Newborn Session

If all else fails and you’re still not convinced that a newborn session in your home is what your heart desires, there’s a Plan C.  Enter: studio photos!  While I will sing the praises of an in-home session and all of the sentimentality behind them, I love a good studio session too.  There are definite perks, including complete control over lighting.  In a studio setting, your lighting situation is guaranteed to be top notch with options like great window light or supplemental lighting.  Lighting aside, you also have complete control over the aesthetics of your session.  The best part?  No cleaning!  Some of my favorite local studios include:Celestial Studio, The Muse Manor, and The Oak Atelier.  Whatever your vision, we’ll make it happen!

Texas Newborn Photographer

Hey, I’m Melanie B of Mel B Photo. As a newborn, maternity, and family photographer serving the Tomball, Cypress, and Spring areas of Houston, TX, I’m here to capture every chapter of your young family’s story.  Ready to invest in a stress-free experience and emotion-packed, authentic images to remember every detail of this stage of life?  Check out my newborn packages here and don’t forget to follow along on Pinterest for tips & inspiration!  Want to book your session or have more questions? Contact me here. Let’s create memories together!

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