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May 15, 2023

Nursery Details || Cypress, TX Floral Nursery

I am NOT an interior designer, but I definitely know a beautiful room when I see it. I have photographed enough newborn sessions to know what nursery details contribute to a room with a cohesive theme. Check out this list below to see how you can tie all your ideas for your nursery together.

Color Palette

Whether or not you have narrowed down a theme, the color palette is one of the easiest and most fun places to start. This is where Pinterest inspiration is your best friend! You can get inspiration for just about any theme you can imagine and start to narrow down what it is you think you want. I know I don’t have to say it, but this will set the tone and act as the starting point for all the other nursery details that you will choose.

nursery color pallete

The nursery pictured in this blog has a floral/botanical theme, but this color palette could be used for other nursery themes like woodland creatures, adventure, or even just the colors as the theme.

Statement Piece

Now, a little birdie told me that this statement piece was handmade by the grandmother. So, sorry ladies I can’t link it for you here. However, nursery details like cute decorative chandeliers are an awesome piece to anchor the room.

These types of pieces are even fun for me (the photographer too)! Unique details like this allow me to create more intriguing and artistic photos for the family. I always look around for details like this! Other ideas for statement pieces for a nursery can be things like:

  • A funky printed rug
  • A painted statement wall or wallpaper
  • Vibrant or architectural piece above the crib

Complementary furniture

This is where I feel like most people get hung up. How do I pick furniture pieces that really make the room pop? I think the key here is to not be afraid of your out-of-the-box choices. It feels like now we have an overwhelming about of options in the standard traditional cribs made of cheap wood and a fake finish category. However, that is beginning to change. I have seen cribs from refinished heirlooms, gold metal cribs (like the one pictured here) even an acrylic slat crib! Don’t be afraid to stray away from the same old crib.

nursery rocking chair

The other big furniture piece often bought for nurseries is the rocking chair. You will notice here that Mom decided to go with a fun chair that matched one of the accent colors of the room. It really stands out! With a rocking chair, you have plenty of options under the sun too from the rocking chair you were rocked in as a child to a soft cushy chair covered in a bold print. (If the Statement Piece wasn’t quite loud enough you can definitely accent it with the rocking chair!)


You don’t have to be too picky with this one. Fake and Real flowers in this case are definitely equally beautiful!

I’m not sure what newborn mom would be able to keep flowers alive on top of their all-encompassing job of keeping their new baby alive. If fresh flowers are given to you as a new mom’s gift, or you’re just a pro gardener or something, you might consider displaying fresh flowers in your nursery. Chances are you will spend a lot of time there feeding and will get to enjoy them.

But, standing in for the just-as-beautiful, low-maintenance option, fake flowers are the perfect cherry on top of a well-rounded nursery. Boys and girls room alike!

My Favorite, the bookshelves

Now, if you are an avid reader of my blogs, you will notice that I love a good bookshelf in a baby nursery. They bring color and fun to a tiny little corner of the room. Nursery bookshelves can be a stand-alone piece (doubling as an end table) or hung on the wall as pictured here. Theme or no theme, bookshelves in nurseries are a must.

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