Must-Have Simple Newborn Photos

May 11, 2023

Each in-home newborn session has its own unique flow and personality, but for the sake of keeping the memory alive, I have a few simple newborn photos that I always take to showcase every facet of the newborn stage.

Baby in your lap

This photo is typically at the front end of my shooting workflow and I get comfortable right out of the gate. With this photo I get all around the family and even right up over their shoulder.

Why do I love this shot? It may seem obvious after seeing the examples, but I’m so glad you asked anyways. When mom or dad holds their infant in this position it does a few things.

  • It allows the newborn to still feel the comfort of being held by the warm parental presence that they are so accustomed to.
  • Secondly, it places them in an incredibly prime position for some cute unposed poses. Each baby will settle a little bit differently. Some will put their hands in their face, above their head, neatly across their chest, or in some unique combination. Every now and then you’ll get a cute tiny yawn like pictured above!

*One caveat I will add though for Momma. If you haven’t gotten a pedicure or are worried about how your feet look then maybe we can make Dad stand in for this photo for you!*

Newborn Toes

Now when I say “Simple Newborn Photos” you can bank on photos of itty bitty newborn toes. Flakes and all this is the detail that cannot be missed.

My particular aesthetic view of these shots is a little more natural. I try to always be ready for just the right baby feet placement rather than posing them myself. It seems to work out better and more beautifully for me that way.

sibling photos

I call it an added bonus when siblings are involved because I like to get a comparison view of their toes together. Don’t forget to make a mental note to recreate the photo in 15 years! Ha.

“The Grandma Shot”

As far as newborn sessions are concerned, this shot in particular ranks number one on the list of simple newborn photos! I even coined my own personal name for this shot. I call this one “The Grandma Shot”. Of all the photos in your gallery, this photo gets the most credit from Grandma and will most likely get printed and placed on the mantle in the frame!

family photo

You may laugh, but I have a theory for why this may be the case.

Obviously, it’s her grand-baby! Throw in an extra few points if it is her first grand-baby! But in addition to that, its also her adult baby. You could not pull at more heartstrings in one single photo! Done and done.

Baby on Dad’s Chest

With this must-have newborn photo, I am aiming to highlight the stark contrast. The contrast jumps out at me like my 5 year old at my bedside at 5:00 AM.

Dad’s hands are almost always about as big as the little baby’s whole body and Dad’s sharp jawline makes the soft full cheeks of his baby look that much more like yummy marshmallows! Plus, what mom doesn’t love to see her strong hubby holding their delicate newborn baby!

dad and baby photos

Close Snuggles with Mom

Ahh another classic. This photo tends to just happen naturally. If we’re in between poses, mom’s holding the baby. We need to stop for a quick feed, mom’s holding the baby? And what if the baby starts to get little bit fussy or needs to be burped? Again, mom holds the baby.

simple mommy and baby photos

An added bonus is that I don’t typically have to give a ton of direction when it comes to a mom holding her infant. She just naturally knows what to do and I just get to capture it.

The Solo Shots

Once I have covered all my bases with the family shots I sneak away for the last few must-haves of the session. Here you’ll see the swaddled baby by themselves. They have pretty reliably drifted off to a deeper sleep by this point and I can really get up close to capture little priceless details.

solo simple newborn photos

The Stretch

Last and certainly not least is the beloved baby stretch. There are a few of those newborn sounds, smells and movements that you just forget over time and the baby stretch is one of them. Each one is a little different, so its fun to do the dance to document it all as the photographer.

newborn stretch

Which shot is your favorite? Was there one you love that I missed from this list?

Must-Have Simple Newborn Photos

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