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September 18, 2023


I’m STOKED to showcase this quaint new studio for any and all of my sweet clients. This Tomball Photography Studio, also known as The Tomball Cottage is located right in the heart of downtown Tomball. It offers LOTS of variety and gives you the feeling of photographing a newborn session in your home without the hassle of having to clean it yourself.

Check out some photos and descriptions of the different spots that you can photograph all condensed into a functional space.


There are a couple of different features to this outdoor space that I LOVE.

Brick Walkway

The first is this picturesque brick herringbone patterned walkway. It’s cute for the whole family or for that big sibling toddler of yours to sit on. The backdrop will be the wall-to-wall windows spanning the front of the cottage always gently decorated for whatever fits the season.

Outdoor tomball photography studio

This spot has soft beautiful light in the morning and fun glittery light through the trees in the evening. The cottage itself is also always a quaint and cute backdrop for the whole family. You can photograph this location from all different angles and it truly does not have a bad side.

Out next to the cottage is a large open field that can be used for a simpler and even foreground for the cottage to sit. Families can lay a blanket out in the field, run and play or just huddle up together for a classic portrait.

White Picket Fence

Another new feature that I am excited to announce to you is the new white picket fence surrounding the green space next to the cottage. It really emphasizes the theme of the cottage inside and out PLUS, proves to keep those escape artist toddlers from running away!

family and white picket fence

The Sunroom

Probably my favorite place on the whole property is the sunroom. This is seriously a blank canvas that does not photograph boring. Many all-white spaces can feel dull and two-dimensional, but not this space. The sheer curtains provide a barrier for natural and even light at all times of the day; even when there is direct sun shining in.

Tomball photography studio sunroom

Honestly, this space is where my mind goes to first when I think about photographing here. I love it for the light (I have even shot in this room during a HUGE thunderstorm). I love it for the color (it never clashes or competes with the subjects). And I love it for how simple it is (nothing looks out of place here).

Tomball photography studio sunroom

This space can be used empty you see when you enter, or you can add furniture fitting whatever particular theme you are trying to achieve. I personally have added a bench, couch, stool, chair, newborn bassinet, holiday themed sets, and even a teepee tent.

Tomball photography studio

It can be used for the whole family or even your newborn’s first birthday cake smash! This sunroom truly sets this studio apart from any other Tomball Photography Studio!


Right after you come in off the sunroom you enter what feels like a holding or waiting room, but don’t sleep on this place. It may be where you drop all your bags, wash the frosting off your baby in the sink or split off to use the bathroom, but this larger area is a great place for group and single photos. I often will use some additional light in here to get the exact feel I like. This is also where the couch typically lives so it really is one of the better places in the whole space for a family to sit together. What I have found is that this space is often where I capture the most “candid” moments as it can be the place we land when we are in between phases of the shoot.

Tomball photography studio downstairs

Occasionally the downstairs will get to be used for something completely different. I recently used this room for a funky little project where I held these box minis.

Tomball photography studio box minis


Last but not least in this Tomball Photography Studio is the upstairs room. This is what makes this place exceptional for Newborn Photography.

lifestyle natural light studio

This upstairs room functions very similar to how bedroom or nursery photos would feel. There are windows on both sides of the room and a unique slanted ceiling. We’ve placed a bed up there to give the very traditional newborn family vibes (although a few boudoir shoots happen here from time to time, wink wink to the mommas)

Tomball photography studio upstairs

This room also gets great light and is a comfy fit for the whole family. It really is the only missing piece to complete a total newborn session and luckily we’ve got it. This is where I often find that we get the best interactions between infants and big siblings because the bed really is the safest place for them to interact.

lifestyle photography studio

It’s obvious that I LOVE THIS PLACE, and I cannot believe that I have it in my back pocket. It is so much more than I had hoped and dreamed I would have in a studio. I never even thought I would actually have a studio. Only that I would daydream about it.

I know you can so easily picture your next newborn session at this Tomball Photography Studio, but I’m curious, what is your favorite feature/space in The Tomball Cottage?

Tomball Photography Studio

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