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April 12, 2023

As a photographer specializing in Tomball newborn sessions, I always ask my clients if they have any special items they want to include in their sessions. It’s not uncommon for parents to draw a blank when faced with this question, but with a little inspiration, you can make your newborn session even more special. Here are some unique items you might want to consider incorporating into your next newborn photo shoot.

Special items you might not have considered using in your In-Home Newborn Session

Hospital or NICU items

Tons of little mementos often find their way home from the hospital. Surely I am not the only one with a whole box of them in my house. Things like diapers, hospital bracelets, or name tags. You can really get creative here. Any little thing that you want to use to remember this season is welcome!

Premie lifestyle session

The mother of the newborn session pictured above kept the Premie and Micro-Premie diapers for size. They wanted to remember just how small their daughter was and how much she has grown and developed. For reference, this “newborn” is actually 3 months old. Woah!

Mom’s Wedding Dress

I cannot take credit for this idea, but moms sometimes ask specifically to create photos of their newborns with the mother’s wedding dress. I see this perhaps as a “THEN and NOW” type photo. We take the photo of the newborn with the dress and then perhaps the next photo of her in the dress would be on her wedding day. How precious would that be to be able to place those two photos side by side?

baby with mom's wedding dress

Items commemorating a lost sibling

Another item that you might consider in your newborn session is something to commemorate a sibling that was lost too soon. In sessions past I have seen moms use rainbow items; things like blankets or rainbow outfits.

Cypress Newborn Rainbow Baby

Another unique thing I have seen was a poignant little elephant that housed a recording of the heartbeat of the newborn’s sibling. These types of items used for sessions will never be forced and are used with extreme delicacy at the discretion of the family so as to respect the family in the best way I know how.

Items to tell the family’s story

I don’t know the story of every family, but you know your own story. At this particular session, the mother is from Germany, and the father is from the States. They had this particular wall hanging displayed in their home. It was representative of both of their heritages and they asked me if I could find a way to incorporate it into their session. The answer is always “YES!”

Tomball Newborn Lifestyle Session

Family Heirlooms

And lastly, including family heirlooms in your newborn session can look like dozens of different things. I saved this category of items for last because it covers a wide variety it items. Over the last few years, I have seen quite a few. Below is a highlight of the most popular:


Typical heirloom furniture pieces that I often see in newborn sessions include things like children’s rocking chairs or a crib passed down from mom or dad. In addition, I often see adult rocking chairs that hold a history of rocking many generations of babies to sleep across many decades.

cypress siblings in child rocking chair


Occasionally, I come across unique sentimental pieces. I actually saw this type of family heirloom piece used the most recently. Particularly, this piece was a cross stitch that belonged to the father. His grandmother (baby’s great grandmother) made it for dad’s nursery and it piece was preserved for this nursery.

Cypress Newborn Dad and Baby

Handmade blankets

This item probably graces the front of my camera lens the most! Sometimes the blankets aren’t older pieces, but are pieces that a grandmother or other special family member has made by hand. Specifically, this blanket pictured below has an extra special story. I photographed this family while they were in process of adopting their son. This lovely blue blanket was a gift from the birth grandmother.

Houston Newborn Adoption Newborn Session

As a side note, I love photographing handmade blankets because often they endure the special day-to-day love of the child. Just like the favorite old stuffie or blanket, items like these live through hundreds of car rides, doctor visits, and trips out to the backyard. After being so well loved, you can see the stark difference between the worn and ragged state of the blanket vs it’s pristine newborn state. Find the full story of this Adoption Newborn Session Here.


In Texas, many folks are very very proud of their college rings. Specifically those Aggies. I have been known to take an Aggie ring or two and incorporate it into a newborn session. Some may call it passing a tradition, some may call it indoctrination. Ha.

Tomball Newborn with Aggie Rings


This little added bonus here.

Special and sentimental item aren’t always ones that the baby can be placed on or posed with. However, this brave young boy was sporting his own special warrior scars from the many surgeries he has over his first couple of months of life. I love here how mom and dad did not shy away from celebrating the triumphs their strong boy has overcome. Goodness, its just soooooo powerful and I cannot over state this, but please please please don’t shy away from documenting the harder seasons. Your future self will be indebted to you for doing such a vulnerable and courageous thing.

Houston Newborn Lifestyle Session

Not everyone has to have some incredibly poignant or sentimental item, but I hope this helps get your creative juices flowing for something that you could include in your newborn session to help make it a little extra special.

Tomball Newborn Photographer

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