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March 20, 2023

This year might be the year of the multiples. Looks like many of you in Houston are looking for twin and multiples newborn photography and YES I am here for it. This was my first twin session in a little while, but these little babes helped me not skip a beat. Maybe now I’ll be confident enough to market myself as a stand-up Houston newborn twin photographer!

The Differences Between Single Newborn Sessions and Multiples Newborn Sessions

Rather than telling you the specifics of this particular session, I thought I would highlight some ways that single newborn and multiples newborn sessions are different. (Maybe with some of the fun specific details of this session sprinkled in)

Two of everything

This is kind of obvious but in this session anything I did, I did it twice. So, that means I:

  • Wrapped babies twice
  • Soothed babies twice
  • Took individual photo shots twice
  • Snuggled babies twice.

Every mom of multiples is like “yeah, duh. Add changing diapers and feeding to the list and you might know how I feel!”

The size of the babies

This one caught me by surprise because it wasn’t something I thought about in advance. These particular twins were fraternal, so there were many differences between the two of them. The biggest difference that I noticed right away was their weight. This might not sound like a huge deal, but it does change a few logistical things like wrapping and posing.

Houston twin babies

Temperament of the babies

Another difference was the temperament of the babies. This particular sweet little girl was sleepy the whole time, but big brother was more curious and alert keeping an eye on everything I was doing. You may not notice it from the photos below, but I had to quickly snag some of these photos where both babies were sleeping.


Posing is the obvious difference. With only one newborn to photograph you only have one method of posing. With a twin or multiple session, you capture all the standard single poses, while at the same time incorporating ways for the babies to be posed together. A preferred setup by the babies I’m sure if I had to take a guess. Lots of the poses I use I simply morphed into doubles poses by just putting both of the newborns together, but some of the poses required a little more planning. For example, the photos above are a perfect example of a shot I like to get at every session. What I did here was create the same shot, but in mirror images of each other so that when they are printed together they have a compelling aesthetic look to them.

houston twins

Amount of time

I think the only person who notices this particular difference is me. I can see the areas where having two babies adds to the shooting workflow. Shoot times just go longer when there are 2 or more. Like mentioned before the solo shots get doubled and then there is the whole added dynamic of the two babies together. (Not something that is done at single newborn sessions)

An area that may be overlooked is the added time in post-processing. For every newborn session, I shoot I retouch the newborn skin to resemble that soft pink skin we all know and love, but when there are two faces it nearly doubles this part of the process.

solo newborn photos

Holding two babies at once

Again, this is something that all the moms are agreeing on in unison. Holding two babies at the same time is really tricky. Not as much for me since I handled only one at a time or held my camera. However, I did have to help mom or dad get into a comfortable position while posing them with both babies in a flattering and photogenic way.

Twin family

Capturing the connection between the babies.

While this is something that is different between single newborn sessions and multiples, it is also different from one twin session to the next. Recreating the connection between the babies that is the closest resemblance to what they experienced in utero is obviously the goal. (and a lofty one at that) However, I think part of the fun is seeing the unique ways the babies soothe each other and snuggle up next to each other and letting your imagination fill in the gaps for how the weeks of their gestation might have been like.

newborn brother and sister

I’m on the lookout now! This session gave fuel to my already burning flame of love for newborn sessions. So, if you are a Houston newborn twin momma ready to book your photographer just click the link below to check out the packages, and let’s do it!

Houston Newborn Twin Photographer

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